Beach Snook Fishing Set-up

So, I see all those guys out there with there 8oz pyramid sinkers with wire leader and there 12ft beach rods.
Well let me tell you something, they wont be catching many snook, if any.
If you want to catch beach snook you just need to keep it plain and simple, whether you have a live bait or an artificial.
My beach fishing combo is something like this. A size 2500 reel with a 7 or 7 1/2 ft medium action rod loaded with 8-10lb test mono or 15lb braid if there is a lot of weeds or I am fishing near some rock piles.
Attached to my main line with a double uni knot is 20 to 40lb fluorocarbon leader along with a 1/0 live bait hook (unless using artificial).

Snook Fishing with a Guide

First of all make sure you choose a fishing guide who is a professional and does not just own a boat. Make sure to choose a guide that does this for a living and not just as a side job. Especially when going for snook, the best snook guides are well known for putting customers on lots of fish, and lots of BIG fish. Expect to pay between 300 and 600 dollars for your guided trip, depending on whether you choose half or full day.
The best fishing guides will be sponsored and have top of the line boats that are reliable, the best rods/reels, and will be equipped with the best bait possible for your trip. Depending what area you are in, expect to catch some other types of fish, whether it be Tarpon, Redfish, or Trout.
Some of the top well known guides in Florida are Capt. Danny Barrow, Capt. Ken Hudson, Capt. Dave Pomerleau, and Capt. Jeff Maggio. These are just a few and you can find many more in your area, just ask around and get suggestions and look online for pictures and reviews.

What Not to Do!

This past week I was at Boynton inlet in the middle of the day and watched a guy jump into the inlet with a spear gun and come up 30 seconds later with a 35inch Snook. He got out of the water and I said “Do you have any idea how illegal what you just did is?” He seemed to be foreign and asked me what kind of fish it was, I told him and then said I would suggest you either throw it back in the water or take it and get the hell out of here. So as another gentleman is calling FWC on his phone, the guy holds the fish up and starts asking people if they want it. Since no one said yes then he threw it back in the water. Luckily he didn't get a good shot and just hit it in the mouth. It did swim away but may not be eating for awhile.
About 20 minutes later I watched a kid hook into a 40+inch fish that broke him off on the first jump. He then said he was using 10lb test.
...If you hook a fish, you are going to want a chance at reeling it in.
Make sure you are using the proper gear.
These are a couple of things NOT to do.