Spooltek Lures Review

One of the newest Snook lures on the market is Spooltek Lures . They look like an ordinary swimbait but feature a concealed steel leader that deploys during hookset. The advantages of this is you can simply use a lighter leader tied to the lure and the fish cannot throw the swimbait like they can a normally can because of the distance between the hook and lure. The lure imitates pilchards, croakers, finger mullet, herring, threadfin shad, bunker and other similar baitfish that snook love. I have caught plenty of snook on these since starting to use them and have lost a very small percentage compared to what I lose when fishing jigs or a normal swimbait. They offer a 4″ which is useful in shallower water with less current and when the snook are feeding on those small baitfish. They also offer a 6″ which is perfect for inlets, bridges, passes, and even offshore. I have found a slow steady retrieve to be the most productive way of fishing them, casting them up current and slowly working it with the tide. Over this past summer I landed a large amount of fish in the surf and around inlets on the 4″ while the snook were feeding on pilchards and threadfins. You can purchase them at Tackle Direct .

Shimano Stradic FK Review

I got to try out the new Shimano Stradic FK 5000 the other day and I was impressed with the smoothness and the drag. The reel was rated the ICAST Best of 2015 this past week. Only thing I am not crazy about is the look of it. Here is what Shimano says about this new Stradic: The new Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels utilize the latest technologies in Shimano’s arsenal, while also drawing on the ways of the past. Incredibly lightweight, Shimano’s new HAGANE reel design concept adds a new level of toughness as well for anglers who demand durability from their go-to reels. The Hagane cold-forged drive gear combined with X-Ship technology and the Stradic FK’s Hagane body also greatly increase winding power, while eliminating any flex. The result is one of the most powerful and lightweight spinning reels on the market. Backed by a Dyna-Balance rotor and the Fluidrive II system for exceptional smoothness, Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System also provides exceptional casting capabilities while mitigated line management issues. Focus your passion on your fishing with the all-new Stradic FK Spinning Reels.
I would suggest purchasing this new Stradic and trying it out for yourself. It is a perfect reel for Snook fishing on the flats or on the beach.

Shimano Sustain FG Review

The Shimano Sustain FG is one of my “go to” reels for snook fishing.
Whether it is fishing the beach during the summer and using a 2500 or fishing the Jetties and Inlets and using a 6000 or 8000. Most of my fishing buddies agree that this is one of the best reels for the money.
It will still cost between 300-400$, but that is less than half the price of a Shimano Stella or a Van Staal which are both phenomenal reels. The Sustain offers 8+1 ball bearings and shows that off with its smoothness and drag.
Get yourself a Sustain and I promise you wont be disappointed.