What Not to Do!

So, this past week I was at Boynton inlet in the middle of the day and watched a guy jump into the inlet with a spear gun and come up 30seconds later with a 35inch Snook. He got out of the water and I said “Do you have any idea how illegal what you just did is?” He seemed to be foreign and asked me what kind of fish it was, I told him and then said I would suggest you either throw it back in the water or take it and get the hell out of here. So as another gentleman is calling FWC on his phone, the guy holds the fish up and starts asking people if they want it. Since no one said yes then he threw it back in the water, luckily he didnt get a good shot and just hit it in the mouth. It did swim away good but may not be eating for awhile. Anyways, about 20 minutes later I watched a kid hook into a 40+inch fish that broke him off on the first jump, He then said he was using 10lb test.